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We understand the needs of our clients, which is why we offer a broad range of flexible, tailored, and innovative IT solutions to meet their business and technology needs.

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Managed IT Services

Our managed IT services cover a wide range of IT products, including Microsoft Office 365, VoIP solutions, online backup, cyber security, and training in cyber awareness remote management, patch management and more.. We can handle all of your company's technological demands, both now and in the future, thanks to our over 10 years of experience managing IT systems.

Cloud Management

As a Certified Partner we at GPS IT Services  Ltd have been providing a variety of cloud computing solutions to our clients for many years such as Microsoft 365, Google Cloud and Amazon Cloud services.

If your business is considering moving to the cloud, our experienced team can help you every step of the way.

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Network Support

Our many years of experience installing and managing a range of IT environments with various configurations, allows us to configure your network infrastructure to best suit your particular business needs. We assist our clients in transforming and optimizing their IT networking systems with an infrastructure that is robust, reliable and easy to manage.

Cyber Security

Monitoring the network can help identify and prevent many cyberattacks, but only if the proper cyber security measures are in place, such as firewalls, policies, endpoint security solutions and vulnerability management. These will help to ensure that the core mechanisms result in a more successful cyber security plan for your business. Our experienced team at GPS IT Services can work with you to find the cyber security solutions to best suit your company. 

Hotline Consultant

IT Consulting

According to many of our clients, one of the primary advantages we offer is our expertise in IT strategy consulting. We possess extensive knowledge and experience to help your organization achieve growth and profitability. Our team can carefully develop a tailored IT strategy for your organization, taking the time to understand your business and its specific needs. We work closely with you to deliver the results your business needs to succeed.

Remote & On Site Support

At GPS IT Services, we offer flexible on-site and remote support plans that can be scaled as per your company's needs. This means that you can benefit from our specialized assistance and expertise without the need to maintain a full-time, in-house tech team. Our remote and on-site technicians are highly skilled professionals with years of experience, capable of quickly identifying and resolving any technical challenges that your company may face.


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