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Hardware Procurement

To provide our clients with good quality hardware at affordable costs, we at GPS IT Services Ltd partner with multiple suppliers all across Europe. This allows us to offer our customers IT equipment with the fastest possible delivery timelines at the most competitive prices. Whether you need basic peripheral equipment or a large volumes of sophisticated corporate hardware we can supply it quickly and seamlessly for your business

User Devices

We provide a wide variety of Endpoint devices, from workstations, laptops, tablets to mobile phones and more.

Contact us to get a quote for endpoint devices 

Security Appliances

As the demand for cyber security increases, many improvements can be achieved with modern hardware systems. We can supply and support various security appliances from firewalls to vulnerability management appliances and more..


Should your business need sophisticated hardware or basic peripheral equipment we can supply everything from USB flash drives to Monitors, Printers and more

Audio/Visual, Interactive Boards, Conference Rooms

In the current work environment Audio Visual hardware is used heavily across all industries. We can provide a wide variety of Monitors, TVs, Public Announcement and Conference Rooms Systems

Servers/Backend Hardware

As a company with over a decades experience working with servers and other back-end hardware, we can supply and deliver a wide variety of servers to suit your needs.

Networking Equipment

Should you require a wireless infrastructure or a complicated Wide Area Network, GPS IT Services can supply Controllers, Switches, Security Gateways, Firewalls, Network Access Control Systems 

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